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Physical Education Department

    The high school mission is to provide a #QualityPhysEd program that allows each and every student the safety and skills to develop an interest and knowledge of movement and the confidence to explore lifelong adventures beyond the classroom. Students will learn a variety of movement skills through creativity, self-expression, collaboration, and choice. Students will leave our classes having developed empathy and compassion for others while embracing their personal strengths.

    Course Description Handbook

    9-10 PE Curriculum

    11-12 PE Curriculum


    We strive to create experiences that ignite the unique passions within our students. We will ask their opinion, include them in the process, and be fueled by their imaginations to continue to add relevancy and variety to our PE classroom. We will create a culture of kindness and empathy. We will share our own experiences, listen to their stories, and encourage a lifetime of adventure through movement and physical literacy. 

    In addition to the required Physical Education program students may elect to participate in interscholastic athletics. These extracurricular athletic activities provide the student with rich opportunities for leadership, self-realization, human relationships and civic responsibility. 

    All students must complete two units of credit in Physical Education over four years. All courses are taught by semester and all students must enroll in Physical Education classes each semester of their high school program.