Student Handbook

  • Never before have we worked so hard to offer so much to so many. A core value embraced by this district is academic excellence. Every student must graduate from High School. Every student deserves the opportunity to take interesting and rigorous courses. Every student deserves an environment that is supportive and promotes his/her individual learning needs. With these goals in mind, we have made adjustments to improve curriculum and program offerings to better prepare students for the 21st century. This is reflected in the Course Description Handbook linked below. Please take the time to review it thoroughly.

    In addition to providing a comprehensive description of courses, this handbook can be used as a resource for diploma requirements, opportunities for students to gain college credit while attending Ballston Spa High School, information on grading policies and much more. This should be used as a tool in the decision-making process of selecting courses for the year and for long range planning. In addition to this resource, please factor in teacher recommendations and the advice of guidance counselors in making your selections. We are here to help but ultimately, only the student and those who know him/her best, such as a parent or guardian, make the choices.

    As a school community we continue to take great pride in our diverse course offerings and the commitment of our staff to deliver quality instruction and services. Together, we share the responsibility for the experience each student has while in High School.